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2 thoughts on “Share your opinion

  1. Hi

    Thank you for your blog it is very informative I have a question and I am wondering if someone could help me.

    So my husband has an MBA with no real “business” work experience he currently work as a personal banker in a local bank. We live in NYC and the job market isn’t kind to anyone without real corp. exp. He has no student loans because he had sholarships he is thinking about going to law school. However I know that unless it is one of the top law school the payoff may not be that great. So I am wondering if it would be worth while for him to even consider going to law school. He is 30 so time isn’t really on his side in terms of starting a career so we need to act fast and get the retrun of a career if he does decide to go. He has not had any lucky landing a corp. position so this is our next try. Should he try for law school or try finding a job that will make use of his MBA?

    Any help that you can provide would be good.


    • Hi Anna,
      Sorry for the loooong delay. I don’t have notifications set up to tell me when there is a comment. 🙂

      To answer your question, I think law school is only a good option if (1) your husband knows he would like to be an attorney AND (2) he goes in fully informed that the big law firm job market is worse than the MBA corporate job market. The supply of law school graduates far outstrips demand, so many law grads end up fending for themselves in much the way your husband has had to use his MBA.

      Using his MBA will hopefully bear more fruit. Knowing nothing about his background or interests, I can only say he probably needs to think hard about how he wants to brand himself and sell his experience. Many companies look for diverse backgrounds when hiring, but still look for candidates with compelling reasons for where they’ve been and convincing vision for why they want the job.

      Bottom line, law school is likely to rack up loans and present bleak job options (and least it looks that way in 2012). Unless he has a guaranteed path into a great legal job, law school isn’t your golden ticket.

      My $0.02. Based on when you asked the question, this may not even apply anymore.

      Best of luck,


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